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Harmony Early Learning Center has an extensive resource library to help implement our curriculum and hands on 
activities which sets up apart from other child care centers. As an Early Learning Center, we have 
individual curriculum's and daily schedules for each age group. We pride ourselves on educating the children while 
providing an environment that is loving and nurturing. Our non-profit status enables us to provide a bounty of resources to 
build an enriched curriculum. Our curriculum includes the use of computers and interactive white board lessons to introduce 
technology to the children.

Our program consists of:

Baby Sign Language
Interactive White Board
Field Trips
On-site Entertainment
Music & Movemen

Children learn through play. A tour of our classrooms will show you the many different learning centers your 
child will be exposed to daily. Our curriculum contains well-defined learning centers, child initiated play and various teacher 
facilitated activities where children enjoy the learning process.

A love of reading is one of the most important tools a child can possess. To assist the teachers in bringing stories to life, we 
have storytelling apron characters, hand puppets and flannel-board stories. We also offer big books and CD books to keep reading 
activities varied and interesting. Our listen and learn center allows the children to follow along with the CD via 
individual headphones as they read or do activity cards. Harmony's goal is to help children explore the wonderful world of books and gain a love of literature.

Parents are provided the curriculum and daily schedule for their child's age group. Our Infants and Tiny Tots participate in 
Baby Sign Language classes. The Toddlers are introduced to phonics along with the preschoolers. Daily activities include block play, puzzles, art, dramatic play, self-help skills along with math, reading, science, cooking, music and computers. Children have both active and quiet times. Their day is balanced with large-group, small-group and individual learning activities.

Harmony also has a Parent Library with quite a selection of books and articles for parent reference on various subjects such as 
discipline, single-parenting, divorce, loss of a loved one or pet, biting, temper tantrums and sleep dilemmas.

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